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Los Altos

embrace the idea of artisan foods

traditions that gave origin to Mexican cheeses.

Our traditional methods of Mexican cheese making exceed all
regulatory standards but offer the creamier consistency, flavor
authenticity, and 100% purity that knowledgeable consumers
have come to expect from Los Altos.

La Cubeta® Our Signature Queso Fresco
This unripened farmer’s cheese is soft, white, flavorfully fresh and moist.
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Featured Recipe
Fresco a la Tabasco®

Fresh and daring snack that brings family, friends, and flavors together.

Tortilla Soup

Classic tortilla soup - a harmonious offering of Mexican flavors.

Squash & Panela Salad

A match made in Mexican cuisine heaven -- Grilled Squash & Queso Panela

La Cubeta® Au Gratin

Delightful, rich, and creamy potatoes au gratin.


Classic sincronizadas with spanish flavors

Ate with Queso

An ideal way to complete a meal

Flan Nevado

Traditional flan with creamy Queso Fresco

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