Los Altos Queso Fresco
This unripened farmer’s cheese is soft, white, flavorfully fresh and moist. Made from pasteurized cow’s milk, it is incredibly mild in flavor, lite in texture and curds, moderately salty, and robustly creamy.

Unless otherwise noted, products are available in deli and bulk sizes.
  • Queso Fresco
  • Aged Cheese

    A very traditional Mexican cheese, Los Altos Queso Cotija is a low moisture, firm, and aged cheese.
    Cotija Enchilado
    Los Altos Cotija Enchilado has an extra flavor component of chili and pepper.
    Cotija Molido
    Cotija Molido is Los Altos signature Cotija brand cheese but in ground form. Special


    A young, white, semi-soft cheese derived from the state of Oaxaca in southern Mexico.
    Oaxaca Deshebrado is a ready-to-use Chef’s or home cook’s favorite ingredient.


    Mexicana Natural
    Processed naturally without additives. A smooth, rich, nutty cream.
    Mexicana Con Sal
    Los Altos Crema Mexicana Con Sal is a full-body, velvety textured sour cream.
    Los Altos Jocoque buttermilk-style cream provides the perfect balance between cream and yoghurt.
    A buttery and sturdy sour cream with delightful undertones of condensed milk.

    Otros Frescos

    Del Rancho
    An authentic ranch-style cheese, Queso Del Rancho offers a fresh, moist, semi-soft farmer’s cheese.
    The quintessential “basket cheese”. A fresh, semi-soft cheese made from whole unmilled cheese curds.

    Soft Cheese

    Los Altos Queso Requesón is the Hispanic Ricotta.

    Melting Cheese

    With a name derived from its popular use in quesadillas, this cheese is sturdy and semi-soft.
    From the Menonite community of Northern Mexico, this is a semi-soft, pale yellow, young cheese.
    Amongst the Melting Cheeses, Queso Manchego is Los Altos Foods’ rendition of an authentic favorite.